Super specialty centre for Advanced Eye Disease

Empaneled with ECHS, UPPCL, BSNL, TATA MOTORS & Leading TPAs

Super specialty centre for Advanced Eye Disease

Empaneled with ECHS, UPPCL, BSNL, TATA MOTORS & Leading TPAs

Our Eye-Care Services

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Refractive Surgery

We offer a variety of refractive surgery procedures, including LASEK, OrthoKeratology, ICL Implantation, etc. Our experienced surgeons will work with you to determine the best procedure for your individual needs.

Corneal Surgery

At TC Eye Centre, we offer a variety of corneal surgery procedures, including Corneal Crosslinking, Pterygium excision and Conjunctival autograft, Glue & BCL, and corneal refractive surgery. 

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery with intraocular lens (IOL) implantation is the standard of care surgery for replacing a Cloudy Lens. 

We offer state-of-the-art customized IOL Implantation, with the latest generation of enhanced vision lenses.

Vitreoretinal Surgery

Vitreoretinal surgery is a type of eye surgery that treats conditions of the retina and vitreous. The retina is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye, and the vitreous is the clear gel that fills the inside of the eye.

Glaucoma Evaluation / Treatment

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss.  Our experienced ophthalmologists will work with you to diagnose and treat glaucoma so that you can protect your vision.

Eye Surgery

TC Eye Centre is a pioneer in offering a variety of eye surgery procedures, viz.

Pioneers in use of PFCL in North India for Giant Tear Surgery of Retina


Introduced for the first time in the World, the concept of Low dose Retinal Angiography


First to introduce 3D HD Angiography for Retinal disorders


Pioneers in Ultrafine 27 Gauge Vitrectomy for Retinal Surgery


EDOF IOL Surgery for Cataract for High Depth of Focus with reduced dependence on glasses.

Team of Expert Physicians

Expert eye clinic

LASIK Eye Surgery


Dr. Upsham Goel

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology Ophthalmologist/ Eye Surgeon 36 Years Experience Overall
(31 years as a specialist)

Dr. Upsham Goel is a specialist in the field of Ophthalmology, specifically in Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Vitreoretina, and Eye Surgery. He has been practicing for 27 years in Gomtinagar, Lucknow, and is associated with TC Eye Centre. He obtained his MBBS degree from King Georges Medical College, Lucknow University in 1987, MS in Ophthalmology from the same college in 1990, and F.M.R.F from FMRF Chennai in 1992.

He is a member of several professional organizations such as AIOS, UPSOS, DOS, and VRSI. His services include screening and treatment of diabetic retinopathy, retina examination, laser refractive and cataract surgery, corneal surgery, and more.

Dr. Upsham

Extensive Eye Care

About TC Eye Centre

For patients of all ages, our eye care includes exams, glasses prescriptions, contact lens care, and medical and surgical treatment for a wide range of eye diseases.


Get to know our physicians. Meet the experts who are dedicated to providing the best medical care for you.

Dr. Alpana Lele

Dr. Alpana Lele

Senior Consultant TC Eye centre Experience of over 20 years
Dr. Anoop Mishra

Dr. Anoop Mishra

12 years in Comprehensive Ophthalmology
(9 years in -Vitreo Retina )
Dr. Shabari Pal

Dr. Shabari Pal

Glaucoma, Cataract IOL, Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Dr. Upsham Goel

Dr. Upsham Goel

Retina, Comprehensive Ophthalmology
35 Years Experience Overall

Brig (Dr) V.K. Baranwal

Brig (Dr) V.K. Baranwal

Specialization anterior segment, community ophthalmology Experience 34 years

Visiting Consultants

Dr. Amit Agarwal

Dr. Amit Agarwal

Cornea and Anterior Segment
Dr. Samreen Mehfooz

Dr. Samreen Mehfooz

Uveitis, Comprehensive Ophthalmology

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