About Us

T C Eye Centre started as a dream project of a small group of ophthalmologists, back in 1992, with the aim of bringing in quality eye treatment, at an affordable cost, to the state of U.P.
In a quarter of a century, TC Eye Centre has evolved into one of the most respected, and best equipped eye centres of North India, and a regional referral hospital for complicated eye diseases, receiving referrals from all over the state, as well as abroad.
Some of the achievements & landmark work done at TC Eye Centre :
1. First to install Hi Rez digital Imaging System in India, and the first anywhere in the World, to install & use digital 3D angiography & viewing system on a Topcon Imaging system.
2. World’s first Study on Low Dose Fluorescein angiography & its effect on quality of FFAs (Presented at Singapore ARVO 2005)
3. First to introduce 27Gauge vitrectomy on MidLab’s "Ultimate Vit Enhancer" platform in India, bringing affordable Vitrectomy surgery on the world’s finest gauge system till date.
4. Designed & made innovations on Slitlamps for obtaining highest quality & flashless eye photography - launching the first Tele-Ophthalmology facility in the State.
5. Designed & made LogMar based pattern recognition charts, of extremely high accuracy & fast vision screening for even the illiterate people (and dramatically reducing vision testing time to a just a few seconds)
6. Designed & made Pressure regulated Air Insufflator Pump for high volume but low pressure fluid ingress, making phaco, & vitrectomy surgeries much safer.
7. First to use LONG TERM PFCL (Fluoron) in India for complicated retinal detachments.
8. First to use SHORT TERM PFCL in North India.
9. First to perform TTT & ICG Enhanced TTT for ARMD in the State.
10. First to use Avastin for management of ARMD in the State.
11. First in India to introduce Stereo Disc Photography in Glaucoma management, as a Routine Adjunct to Field Charting, in all patients undergoing field analysis (since 2005)
12. First Integrated Laser-Video 23 Gauge Endoscope in the State

Beside these, the Centre also has :
India’s First Cirrus 500 High Definition OCT (Carl Zeiss Germany)
The First Endoptiks 23 Gauge Integrated Endo Laser System in the State. http://www.endooptiks.com

Zeiss’ Finest microscope Lumera & Resight 700 for Ophthalmic and Retinal Surgery, with fully integrated teaching and observation accessories.
Epilasik / LASEK on Visx S4 -IR with "i-Design" - the most advanced abberrometer created by Abbott
Zeiss 532nm Green Laser, Nidek 810nm infraRed Laser, Nidek YAG Laser, Topcon Stereo Digital Imaging & Angiography System, Zeiss Humphrey Perimeter, etc.



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